Reviews :: R.C. Henningsen, Author

R. C. Henningsen

Author, Being There Awakenings

"The perfect combination of excitement and adventure, destined to be a cinematic thriller..."

Endorsements/What Readers are Saying…

This is a fast paced novel for a reader looking for entertainment. Be prepared to fall in love with the characters and feel joy, suspense, sadness and excitement all in one sitting. I shall also warn you, from personal experience, of the attachment and bond you may form with Christian, Amy, CB and of course Mr. and Mrs. Asher. I eagerly await the next novel of the series and look forward to witnessing the greatness that will surely come from this one.

Peggy McColl., NY Times Best Selling Author

Rick, this was absolutely fantastic!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Wow, you’ve truly found your calling. I’m speechless. Congratulations!!!! This is the start of something truly magnificent. Keep me posted on the launch!!

Linda Parry, CEO, Product Launchers, Haverstraw

This imaginative work brings forward the thought of what if? What if you were in Christian’s shoes and had his abilities? Would you change the world? Brilliant!

Lindsay A., Seattle, Wa.

Wow! A thrilling journey for Christian and friends as he explores his newly found abilities. This debut book opens the world of possibility for a series of exciting, action and emotionally charged adventures.

Debra O, ICU/CCU Nurse, NY

The perfect combination of excitement and adventure, destined to be a cinematic thriller. This is by far the best book I’ve read in a while. The author’s addictive writing style proves that he is a talent to be watched.

Douglas H., E. Northport, NY

While reading this book you feel as if you’ve become part of the story, experiencing the sense of thrill and excitement, love and loss, adventure and tragedy. It is entertaining and fun to read.

Anna V., Buenos Aries, Argentina

This creative story flows well as a young Christian Asher discovers his ability to draw on the experience and knowledge spanning multiple lifetimes. It is an entertaining must read for seekers of action and adventure coupled with an emotionally charged sub plot.

Christen A., Educator, Baltimore, Maryland

This is a gripping story packed with discovery, action and adventure that will draw you into the adventure. It is filled with excitement, intrigue and little of the supernatural. A definite must read with great potential to make cinematic history…. I can’t wait for the movie!

Jim Z., AV Engineer, Stuart Manor

An emotional roller-coaster. I highly recommend reading this one. You start to imagine and feel what Christian experiences in this book as you are drawn into the story. Two thumbs up.

Patrice K, V.P. Int’l Banker, Fla.

Imagine having the world at your fingertips and never knowing until the unimaginable happened. The increasing excitement and intensity reels you into the book. It’s like Indiana Jones meets the matrix with a little Harry Potter. An action packed adventure.

Doug A, Financial Analyst, N.Y.

Awesome! An enthralling story of imaginative possibilities. R.C.’s creation is sure to be on the best sellers list. I’ll save you the trouble, add this to your list of favorite reads now.

John B., COO International IT Firm,Colonia, NJ

This book has it all. You will feel the strong emotional bond shared by the characters as well as the thrill of Christian’s exploits. I have to warn you, Being There Awakenings will make you laugh, cry and may even make your palms sweat as the adventures play out. Share this with your friends, they’ll love it too.

Geri Anne C., Bellmore, NY