Acknowledgements :: R.C. Henningsen, Author

R. C. Henningsen

Author, Being There Awakenings

"The perfect combination of excitement and adventure, destined to be a cinematic thriller..."


I would be remiss if I did not again express my most sincere appreciation to the following individuals, each of whom are outstanding in their fields. They have been teachers, mentors and friends to countless people throughout the world and I am honored that they have shared their extensive knowledge with me in the latest part of my life’s journey.


A Special Thanks: My most grateful appreciation and thanks to Peggy McColl. A new friend, mentor and a perpetually positive spirit. The motivational source for the completion of the first in a series of exciting adventures. Visit her website at and learn more about Peggy and how to become the next Best Selling Author.


My Sincere Appreciation to Natalie Ledwell who played a starting role in this, the latest part of the journey. Our existence is guided by universal laws. My first realization of this was when I unknowingly manifested a communication from Natalie and acted upon it.

I studied with her the laws of attraction. Since that fateful day just about a year ago when I acknowledged the first of many gifts, I have manifested a multitude of people, places and things that were absent to me even in professional life that have guided me to new heights in all aspects of life. Visit the and learn how these universal laws affect us and the lives we live


My Sincerest Thanks to Anik Singal, a rising star in the fortune five hundred world of entrepreneurs and whose dynamic coaching and celebrity filled programs enabled me to complete my projects and reach new heights.


My Gratitude and Appreciation to Andy Shaw. Self-made a few times over Andy has the key to success.
His direct approach to wiping the virus’s from the thought process that plagues over 99.9% of the population as it relates to the attainment of ones “goals and desires”… Thank you for helping to clear the roadblocks.

Wow! A thrilling journey for Christian and friends as he explores his newly found abilities. This debut book opens the world of possibility for a series of exciting, action and emotionally charged adventures.

Debra O, ICU/CCU Nurse, NY