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R. C. Henningsen

Author, Being There Awakenings

"The perfect combination of excitement and adventure, destined to be a cinematic thriller..."


Welcome and Thank You for interest in the Being There Family, the Hottest New Sci-fi Action Adventure Series available today. I am dedicated to bringing you the most exciting experience possible.

During the development of the Being There Series, my desire was to create and design a novel that would above all entertain and thrill our readers, but also, pull you into the story-line as if you were actually there, sharing the emotionally charged action packed adventure and excitement with the characters. As you will notice Being There Awakenings includes story lines and sub plots crossing multiple genres providing our fans and readers with maximum entertainment whether they enjoy sci-fi, action adventure, a little fantasy or even a touch of romance. One of the most powerful inclusions in the story-line is the strong family bond young Christian has with his adoptive parents and apparently, based upon our beta reviews, we were successful in our quest to provide our readers and fans with maximum entertainment value.

The Response is Overwhelming…

The tremendous response we have been receiving for Being There Awakenings is positively overwhelming! Comments and questions from enthusiastic fans keep flooding in… We are excited about the incredible response and the strong interest our readers are sharing with us and we are working diligently to reply to each and every one of your questions.

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